Artwork Adventures

All right! As you all know, I’m all about fueling the passion, promoting the awesomness, fanning the WEIRD! Rawr 🙂

With that said, as I continue to write my novels and procrastinate on my projects, Alex and I have decided to venture into an entirely new world of cool!

I’m about to create a YouTube channel so we can share the videos of our adventures and experiments through the world of art. Please keep in mind I’m a total newb when it comes to videos and all of that jazz, so this will be one heck of a ride, BUT … Alex and I are going to have a blast and sincerely hope some of you enjoy the show!

The image on the left is my second attempt at something resembling COOL 🙂


Once we figure out how to set everything up in our new little art studio, we’ll start sharing some pictures and videos!


Vanessa and Alex xox